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Would you like to improve your English language skills while shouting at your friends?  If so, then Ibigkas! is the game for you! 

Ibigkas! is the Filipino word for “to pronounce.”  This drill-type game helps you practice rhymes, synonyms and antonyms independently or in a group of up to four members.

Single-player begins with the player selecting a word type (rhymes, synonyms, or antonyms), a difficulty level, and a speed. Ibigkas then gives the player a target word. From a list of three other words, the player has to select the rhyme, synonym, or antonym of the target. 

The fun really begins in multi-player mode.  After the game host selects the word type, difficulty level, and speed, one of the players receives the target word while everyone else receives three possible answers each.  The player with the target word has to read it out loud, for everyone in the team to hear.  The players then check their word lists to find the rhyme, synonym, or antonym of the target.  Only one of the players has the right answer. 

Speak loud, speak fast, and work together to win!

Install instructions

  • Unzip "Ibigkas! PC version.zip"
  • Double click on "Ibigkas!.exe" to open the application
    • Windows Defender SmartScreen might prevent the app from running. It's only because of the "unknown publisher" status. Kindly press "Run anyway".


Ibigkas! PC version.zip 22 MB

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